Watercolor Portraits by Sunny
Taking Your Photo

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Here are some tips that will help you take the best pictures of your pet:

1. Try to get in close to your pet filling the frame with him rather than scenery. Always take extra close-ups of the face for detail.

2. Take the photographs at your pet's level or put him on a chair or table. It may be helpful to have someone distract your pet while you photograph him.

3. Outdoor lighting is best but flash is acceptable. Keep the sunlight behind YOUR back. Try to get accurate color. It is very important that the photographs are clear and accurate.

4. Photo's can be combined in your portrait. The expression from one, the color from another, the favorite toy from a third.

Remember that the finished portrait depends on the quality of the photographs that you send me.


Above is the photo of Boomer.
Below is the painting done from this photo.