Watercolor Portraits by Sunny
About the Artist

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Sunny with her five-year-old Warmblood gelding

As an artist, I am an observer and I capture my observations through my art. I choose from a wide range of characters and scenes that affect me. Artists are fortunate in that we are able to see so much - color, lines, shapes and relationships in the ordinary.

My art has been enormously influenced by growing up in the rural Midwest. My subjects are those things that give me joy in my life; my garden, long weekends boating and observations from the boat's deck, my pets and their antics, and the views I see from the back of my horse riding the trails of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and now the beautiful state of Mississippi.

Watercolor is my medium of choice because it allows for so much more delicate detail than any other medium. I can capture the expression and character down to the last reflection and shadow. If, when viewing my work, you think "my pets have done that" or "I know a place like that"or a warm smile simply comes to your face then I have succeeded in my intentions as an artist.

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